The press speaks about it

About the meeting between Nathalie Loriers and Tineke Postma

"Throughout these sixty minutes of intense music, the osmosis between the three accomplices is total and testifies to a real empathy".
Claude Loxhay, Jazzaround

"The trio, and this one in particular, is going really well for Nathalie Loriers. We don't feel it anymore
released than ever. We feel all the clarity of the subject and the objective of the music. We feel
all the complicity and happiness of playing together. And we feel that everyone is on the same wavelength".

"A fantastic trio has been born, and it would be good to see that."
Thierry Quenum, Jazz Magazine

"Tineke's melodic inventiveness and energy combined with Nathalie's lyricism and mastery, it must have sparked flames. It actually ...
... And the balance is perfect in the sound, in the rhythm, in the melodic line. The voices of the piano, sax and double bass intertwine without mingling in confusion, each one supports the other without ever putting himself forward selfishly. It is pure, it is limpid, sometimes like a frolicking stream, sometimes like a river in majesty. "
L'avis du Soir

"Piano and saxophone intersect their melodic lines and display a great bond. Comfortably seated on supple cadences, they conduct their aerial dialogues between heaven and earth, the excellent acoustics of the Liège Philharmonic Hall contributing to their happiness, which is also ours ".
Pierre De Choqueuse /Blog de choc


"Shameless feelings, a soft oscillation between extravert delicacy and slight introvertness (...) Lyricism in soft painted colours, nuances in touch, inspired writing, freshness in improvisation (...) Nathalie Loriers brings them all together. As much convinced as her timing, her silence and her breath of malicious serenity ". (Guide des Nouveaux talents, Alex Duthil - Jazzman n° 24 - apr.97

"This Belgian piano player is more than a promise; ten years in the scene with four albums as a leader, a path paved with prices, her first opus produced in France, they are an age of consecration". jazzm

"... real trio serving convincing concepts...intimate poetry- beautiful piano touch- , rhytm which creates its own dream", Arnaud Merlin, jazzm

"Silent Spring" a small gem of lyricism en half-tones, which refuses easy overflow and pathos. Moving between delicate extraversion and half hidden introversion her playing develops a sense of space where pulse and groove leave a lot of space to silence!" l' expre

" deliciously inspired Nathalie Loriers distils music which is full of fire. Her joy to play is contaminating . Etherised climates, a beautiful touch, the right notes, excellent compositions, deep swing" Keybor

"Nathalie Loriers has imposed herself as rising figure in the European jazz scene. With success she gains experiences and collaborations and doing so this young female virtuoso seduced an audience which is masculine in its tradition, developing a nervous and delicate style which leans on her lyrical and inspired composing;" playrecor

"Awarded with the Django d' or 1999 and the Euro Jazz Award, Nathalie Loriers is the revelation of the year". conta

"with complete dedication, fitting to her musical concepts the young female piano player affirms here a remarkable personality, a magnificent touch and an amazing feel for space" jazzmagazi

" beautiful musician with a delicate touch and sensible clarity, who designs subtle harmonic images, who paints colourful landscapes, softly and intimate, who invents her very own universe but never is afraid to share an other musicians world". Le so

"...classified in the top 10 of Belgium jazz stars, nicknamed "gold digger".. la libre Belgiq

"... here is the impression of cohesion; three years of cooperation delivers an understanding and mutual insight!" vers l' aven

"In this first meeting with Lee Konitz Nathalie surprises with her knowledge of the music and the lessons of Tristan
. She fits into this "difficult" music, denies on easy pathos, signs of artistic reality which follows the same path as John Sebastian Bach". John de Winter, la libre Belgiq

"With its well dosed mix of ballads and fast tempo's with communicative energy "Tombouctou", the title is inspired by the novel of Paul Auster, reveals a formation with great maturity, giving attention to the subtle and natural arrangements if the female piano player.. each peace is a revelation in its own.. a great record." vers l'aven

"Without having played together ever before, the musicians perform a concert of not yet released compositions which combine the sound of western jazz music and oriental music. The cohesion is perfect, the marriage is succeeded. Responding to each other the musicians become into a collective, not denying on their own themes. This music is highly symbolic and gives everybody room to personnel expression without becoming tearful or any superficial sentiment." B.